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May I Have One? The Power of Promotional Products

Creating exposure for your business/brand is more than doing the typical tactics like posting on social media and landing interviews with traditional and non-traditional media outlets. There’s other noteworthy tactics like product placement, word-of-mouth (WOM), brand ambassadors, and many more that you can partake in. But, do you know what all of those strategies have in common? They all require products to be showcased and seen. As an entrepreneur, you can’t make it to every event you find online or invited to. But, if you had promotional products, your brand can sell itself on its own without you. You may be asking yourself, “what products can I invest in that’ll help expand my brand and get me new clients/business?” Well my friend, a coffee mug or tote bag may do the trick!

According to

  • 90% of recipients use a promotional product they received at least once a week

  • 10% of recipients pass a promotional product on to family or friends

  • 87% kept a promotional product for more than a year

Promotional products include the following, but not limited to: T-shirts, cups, coffee mugs, retractable banners, tote bags, tent covers, pens, key chains, notebooks, hats, water bottles, cell phone cases, book bags, table linen, sunglasses, balls, magnets, etc.

The benefits of investing in promotional products:


With a budget as low as $300 dollars, you can afford to purchase quality items in a large quantity that can last you for half a year (a couple of months if you’re networking the way you’re supposed to.) The more you buy, the more people get to recognize your logo and business name! If you’re a small business, this is a perfect strategy when you host giveaways, take part in events, or want to gift your current/future clients! Get creative with your products and watch your brand take off!


Ever wonder how you got that pen you’re writing with? Imagine your business’s name and contact information in the hands of millions!! Promotional products create long-term awareness and keeps your business's name on people’s mind more than usual. From t-shirts, to key chains, your products can be somewhere at the right time and land you that big client.


Leave more of an impression by handing out a promotional product, in addition to your business card. Business cards will always be a great tool for networking, but a product will last longer and be seen more than a business card that's taking up space in someone’s wallet or purse. For example, if you’re into the healthcare industry, how great would it be to give your business card and a hand sanitizer with your company’s logo on it? It’s creative, tangible, and useful for that person.

At Forward PR, we have reaped the benefits of using promotional products to grow our brand and generate new clients. We purchase all of our products from Merch-Media, which is a company that was referred to us by multiple businesses throughout the United States. When spending your hard-earned money on items for your business, you really take in consideration who you’re spending your money with. My representative from Merch-Media, Jazmine Sweet, has always taken her time to find me the best deals for my budget, the best products to represent my brand, and has sent me multiple samples of shirts, hats, pens, notebooks, and more that we’ve asked to see before making that big purchase. And, they don’t only help you for your brand, they are also great to work with when you’re hosting events for the community, for a client, for festivals/concerts, a campaign launch, and more.

Don't miss the opportunity to grow your business and get creative while doing it!

Contact Jazmine Sweet, Merch-Media,

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