Sincerely, Kiana D. Clark, MBA, President

Allow yourself to dream and push yourself to go get it!

Forward PR, LLC started off as a dream that seemed too big to achieve. “Who do I think I am starting a business? Who will respect me enough to become a client? I don’t know about managing a business account! Owning a business is too difficult, I’ll wait when I get older.” Those were some of the self-doubt thoughts that reoccurred in my mind as I thought about that “little dream” of starting a public relations agency.

I’ll never forget the conversations I had with my fiancé (boyfriend at the time) prior to graduating from Florida A & M University in December 2014, about me not wanting my own business and how I was going to work at a big corporate office in the public relations and marketing department. Every conversation ended with him reiterating, “Watch, you’re going to have your own business. Your mindset is going to change!” Well, he was right! I believed in myself, I believed in my passion, and I decided to take a leap of faith and create Forward PR!

Forward PR is a South Florida public relations agency who caters to clients who have a product and/or service they believe can make a change and can influence individuals in many ways than one. We love working on conferences, festivals, concerts, workshops, launching new services and products, in addition to helping people reach their greatest heights.

Many times, we allow things that we are unaware of discourage us from going after what we believe in. But, in reality, all it takes is research, asking around, making phone calls, listening to some podcast, and most importantly believing your magic! If I would have listened to those negative thoughts, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, speaking with you at this very moment, and serving communities and business professionals.

So, I welcome you to the website! Please feel free to email us for your public relations needs and please continue to visit our blog to read about tips and information about bettering your business’s brand and professional development skills. Talk to you soon and follow us on IG (@forwardpr_).


Kiana D. Clark, MBA, President


I was going back and forth about the agency’s name and how it would look and sound in the years to come. The PR in me was killing my vibe and causing me to overthink EVERYTHING. So, I decided to be still and ask God to bring the name to me. Well Queens and Kings guess what God gave me? LEMONADE! When I first listened to the newly released album I heard track 9 and the goosebumps came rushing down my body. I just knew that was my agency’s name, Forward PR. I told close friends and colleagues the name. Some liked it and some were on the fence, but it didn’t matter, that was it! It grew on them once the logo came in, which I was completely hands on with.


I created this agency for the young public relations professionals, whether straight out of college or finding their way in the industry, who have the passion and drive to be the best, but denied the opportunity to show their greatness. The agency is for the entrepreneurs and companies who seek to hire an agency who’s dedicated to their vision, respects their time and brand, and executes above expectations. Forward PR was created to provide breaks, mentor, grow businesses, create opportunities, engage with the community, and build genuine/long-term relationships with clients and media partners.

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