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Class 2.0 Starts On Sep. 20th

A community dedicated to teaching start-up womenpreneurs how to confidently trust their vision, create visibility as an expert, and launch an impactful digital brand.


$1,200 (Value $6,500)
(July 26th to August 22nd)

(August 23rd to September 3rd) 

I Don't Know You....
But, I feel like I do!

You're a go-getter who has dedicated countless hours to support other people's dreams/businesses and now you're certain that it's your time to SHINE!
You desire to be the first in your family to break generational barriers by believing in your VISION and becoming an entrepreneur.

You're currently working a 9-to-5, but have a side-hustle that you're FINALLY ready to create a strategy and launch officially as a full-time digital business.

You have the VISION, you have the work-ethic, and now you're ready to trade-in Youtube University for a coaching experience that'll help expedite your plan for your VISION and create successful results.

You've tried your best alone, but now you understand the significane of investing in a coach for strategy, resources, and most importantly support and accountability... We all need a tribe!



I am the CEO of Forward PR and my superpower is helping start-up female entrepreneurs like yourself create impactful and profitable brands, while increasing your brand exposure, by teaching you how to magnify your vision and create a strategy to transform them into a brand!

In the past 8 years, I've helped start-up entrepreneurs/businesses and Fortune 500 companies create a staple name for themselves through her top 3 services: Brand Consulting, Social Media Management, and Securing Media Interviews.

Since the pandemic, I've helped entrepreneurs: increase their sales per week, launch FB+IG streaming shows to build their community, find confidence in communicating about their business, gain clarity about who they serve, and led them to accomplish their business goals ahead of schedule!

I'm passionate about helping women understand the power of their visions & transforming them into a brand that'll help create generational wealth!

To connect with Kiana, email her at



If you can relate with at least 3 of the statements below, this is the PERFECT program for you!

Week 1: Vision Manifest

  • Embracing your "WHY"

  • Create Brand Message Pt.1

  • Identify Offer (Service/Product)

Week 2: Vision Identity

  • Market Research

  • Brand Identity Check

  • Brand Message Pt.2

  • Create Target Audience Avatar

  • Social Media Challenge

Week 3: Vision Exposed

  • Community Building

  • Create Brand Content

  • Implement Strategy

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"My business needed more balance prior to joining the “Vision to Brand Program.” I didn’t know how to logically gather thoughts and ideas. I didn’t have any hesitations investing in the program because I knew Kiana would provide her expertise and knowledge for clarity.

Since investing in the program, I constantly go back to my quarterly goals that are now more precise, and I apply the techniques that I learned from Kiana to achieve each goal one-by-one now."



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"Before joining the program, I had no idea on what it took to create a brand. I thought that it was as simple as creating an instagram and then jump right into the entrepreneur world, but I was completely wrong. I know now that the energy put into starting a business is just as important as maintaining a business.

Since completing the program, it feels great to accomplish some of the goals on my list, even if they’re small! Now I’ve created a social media page for my business, I know my target audience, and I love to create content that will help with my launch!"


tiara-23 - Tiara Madison.jpg

"It feels good to have a clear mind on where I want to go with business. Since enrolling in the “Vision to Brand Program,” I've increased my Instagram followers with my reels and I gained clarity on my brand message.


Before joining the program, my business was on hold becauseI felt that I didn't know what to do next. Now I’m excited to move forward and revamp my website."


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