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Some Like It Hot!

November 14, 2017

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Public relations is a planned process to influence the public opinion, through sound character and proper performance. This is done by a two-way communication that is mutually satisfactory. Marketing, in my own words, is selling a product using different devices to pro...

Hip Hop has a major vehicle for marketing the latest trends! Although many may think "it's just music," in the past decade music artists have lead sales in apparel, cosmetics, lingo, and more! Read about the latest marketing trend that music is leading!

Ever felt out of place because you weren’t like the people around you? Well that wasn’t our case earlier this October when we attended the Be Blogalicious Conference hosted for women bloggers.  I am such a fan of conferences now-a-days because you never know what gems...

Matter of fact, I am a millennial, writing about millennials. Such a self-centered generation, I know!

Investing in promotional products are beneficial to you and your business more than you can even imagine! Read more about tips to build your brand exposure.

During your early stages of building a brand, public relations and marketing are definitely key strategies for a successful business.

The job title “Volunteer” has been a position that many have overlooked and underestimated. No matter what field you are in, volunteering can be one of the most beneficial services you can engage in.  Why is it when people hear the word “volunteer” they immediately cri...

August 8, 2017

Allow yourself to dream and push yourself to go get it!

Forward PR, LLC started off as a dream that seemed too big to achieve. “Who do I think I am starting a business? Who will respect me enough to become a client? I don’t know about managing a business account! Owning...

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November 14, 2017

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